tisdag 28 april 2009


På SVT-huset här ute på Jägersro finns allt möjligt om man är intresserad av teve-trivia. Bland annat har jag hittat kataloger från gamla Montreauxfestivaler från åttio- och nittiotalen i en dammig bokhylla. 1995 hette Tysklands bidrag till tävlingen om Guldrosen Laumann, Herbert Laumann

Så här beskrivs programmet:

Herbert Laumann, the protagonist, had been created by Gerd Dudenhöffer, one of the most successful German satirical banterer. Laumann is a white-collar worker at the “municipal city” and is still living with his mother Agatha. One morning, they decided to make a lovely day out of it. But this will not be the case for such people which are getting in touch with them, since Laumann stands for disaster, - of course not of his own but only that of his fellow creatures. Coming to grief are: a gondoliere, a lawn-mover driver, a guitar-player, as a matter of fact, nearly everybody who dares to approaching Herbert Laumann.

Gerd Dudenhöffer

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